Wednesday, April 15, 2009

With the warmer weather, Harvey and I have been venturing out into the wilderness more. I found a new state park to go to that is close to our house that has lot of trails. We (me and Harv) spend the an afternoon exploring some of the trails a couple of Saturdays ago.

Now that Michelle has a job and we are both gone, poor Harv has to be cooped up all day. So he really gets excited when we can go to the state park on the weekends. I try to take him for walks during the week but that does always work out and it didn't help that Michelle and I both got sick shortly after Michelle's new job started, so neither one of us felt like playing with the dog. Michelle and Harv are still adjusting to the change but all in all things are going well.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good News

Michelle as of this weekend has started a new job! She is very excited about her new adventure. She will be working in Fowlerville for a small company that does soil erosion and dust control, among other things. She will be working in the office with one of the owners. The position starts as part time but they are certain that it will go full time with in a few months. Michelle has already met with her boss and hit it off great. She thinks it will be a great place to work. Michelle is very happy to have the chance to work in her area of expertise and will get a lot of good experience she will be able to use later. Fowlerville is a bit of a drive from our place but thankfully it is in the same direction as my job and we will be able to ride together. I leave early in the morning so it will be an adjustment for Michelle.

This has been something we have been hoping and praying for for a long time and we are so thankful to God for supplying the opportunity for Michelle. Things happen in His time.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for Michelle and sent possible job ideas her way.They were very much appreciated.
Here are some random photos of Michelle that I'm sure she would want everyone to see. (hehe)
Day at the lakeSnoozin' in the truckOn our honeymoon

Monday, March 16, 2009


Harvey, who is forever wanting to go outside, is really enjoying the warmer weather. We have grilled the last two days and I let Harv come with me. A happier dog you couldn’t find when he outside. Unfortunately we live too close to the busy road for Harvey to run without a leash, but he still does his best to run all over. Tonight I left the leash on the stairs after we came in from outside. Harv has sat on the steps, next to the leash, all night, just waiting for the next time he can go out. I felt sorry for him so I took him out for a quick breath of fresh air before shutting down for the night. He just loves being a dog.

So last week was my birthday. Michelle made me a cake and cards. Plus she got me a really nerdy book on physics. It covers fifty different physic theories and laws! I am so excited! (Ok had to vent the nerdiness for a second there.) The cake was delicious and was consumed quickly. I think we had it for dessert after every meal and sometimes for breakfast. I do love cake. A lady I work with, even made a cake for me on my birthday. It was a good day and I felt very loved.

Monday, February 23, 2009

We have taken the next step in life. That's right we have upgrade our cell phones. We have left behind the nextels and moved onto the lastest crazy, texting. Ok, so I probably made that a little more dramatic than it needed to be but it was exciting for me at least. Michelle just shakes her head at me wonders why she married such a dork. I know she likes it deep down. We got new phones that have full key boards to make texting easier. We are obviously new to the texting world but it is pretty cool so far.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to Normal

This past weekend was my dad’s birthday. We were able to make a surprise trip to Indy for the party. Dad was completely shocked when we knocked on the door Saturday afternoon. It was a fun weekend with lots of laughing, joking, and quoting old movies. Sunday night we pulled out the old home movies and laugh together about how much we have changed. It was just a plain old good time. We came home Monday morning and rested up before having to get back to real life today. Harvey was depressed to have to leave Joey, the family dog, and lay around all day Monday. He likes to play with Joey although I don’t think Joey feels the same all the time. Harvey is a little to energetic for Joey most of the time. I guess we all have to get back to normal.

Monday, January 26, 2009

We're Back

Ok, so it has been a long time since we updated our blog. We apologize for waiting so long. This was our second Christmas together and it was once again wonderful. We spent time both in Coleman with Michelle's family and in Indy with my family. But as we did last year, we spent Christmas day at home just the two of us and Harvey.

Unfortunately, do to the poor shape that the auto industry is in, my plant shut down extra long this year for Christmas break--three weeks. I was forced to take a large portion of my vacation to cover the down time. The extra time at home was nice, but I am running short on vacation time now and that stinks. Michelle and I just spent time together at home and took small day trips during my extra time off. The good news is my job is secure for the time being. It could have been a lot worse. Last week for the first time in the history of the company we had to lay off 64 floor workers. We are going from three shifts to two and going to four 10 hour days. Which again is sad for those who lost their jobs, but good news for me. It means a three day weekend every week. I think I can get used to that. I usually work ten hours a day anyway.

Michelle continues to hunt for jobs faithfully. She has decided to start subbing in the local schools for something to do and to make a little money. But this is just temporary until she finds something permanent.

Sorry again for being so long between posts.